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The TURKEY SHOOT Tournament
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What? You wanna be a member of some academic, community service club? Go ahead, just donít join ping pong club. We think that your lunch at school should a time to chill, relax, and play some games. We think a tight club should make its own t-shirts, have its own yearbook page, and make the members enjoy being a part of it. So you wanna go volunteer at the rescue mission? Join Key Club. You wanna relax and have fun with your friends at lunch? Join us.

Where do we play?
In and behind the band room, room #70. From the quad, it is just to the left of the office.

When do we play?
On Wednesdays and Thursdays at lunchtime.

Why do we play?
Because we hit it harder and slap it faster. And because ping pong players are sexy.

What was the club like last year?
Tight. Oh, check out last year's website here.